LLL Conference Sessions 2017




Audio recordings of all sessions from the 2017 La Leche League Conference. The recordings are available for immediate download after purchase. The files are in MP3 format.

Some of the opinions expressed in these sessions may be personal opinions and may not reflect La Leche League philosophies.


Track List

  1. Childbirth and its Impact on Breastfeeding – Margaret O’Leary, RGN, RM, C.M.S. Lactation, IBCLC & Krysia Lynch, LLL
  2. Book Club: ‘Men, Love & Birth’ by Mark Harris, ‘Breastfeeding Uncovered’ by Amy Brown, ‘The Microbiome Effect’ by Toni Harman & Alex Wakeford – Caroline Lewis, LLL, Áine O’Sullivan, LLL, Helen Fogarty, LLL
  3. Breastfeeding and Infant Sleep – Professor Helen Ball, Director Parent-Infant Sleep Lab. University of Durham
  4. Staying Home Instead – Monica O’Connor, LLL, Fiona Harford, LLL
  5. Coping with Infant Related Sleep Disruption – Professor Helen Ball, Director Parent-Infant Sleep Lab. University of Durham
  6. Exploring Fatherhood – Dr Patrick Ryan, University of Limerick
  7. Supporting Breastfeeding Mothers in Refugee Camps – Deirdre Sheridan, LLL, Mairead Murphy, LLL
  8. Improving Policy and Practice with the World Breastfeeding Trends initiative (WBTi) – Helen Gray, MPhil, IBCLC, LLLGB
  9. Breastfeeding & Fertility – Jennifer Mooney, LLL, NFPTAI
  10. Complementary Therapies: How Can They Enhance Breastfeeding? – Patricia Weldon, MISCP Chartered Physiotherapist, Birth & Prenatal Therapist specializes in working with Mothers and Babies, Children and Families.
    Dr Julie Ellwood, Registered Osteopath
  11. Positive Parenting Panel – Sarah Farmer, LLL, Noeline Markey, LLL, Mary O’Boyle, LLL, Maria O’Sullivan, LLL