LLL Conference Sessions 2015


Audio recordings of all sessions from the 2015 La Leche League Conference.



Audio recordings of all sessions from the 2015 La Leche League Conference. The recordings are available for immediate download after purchase. The files are in MP3 format.

Some of the opinions expressed in these sessions may be personal opinions and may not reflect La Leche League philosophies.


Track List

Natural Term Breastfeeding

Speakers: Siobhan Kramer, LLL

Mairead Murphy, LLL

Book Club

‘The Myth of the Spoiled Child’-Alfie Kohn

‘The Heart in the Womb’- Dr Amali Lokugamage

‘Breastfeeding Made Easy’ Dr Carlos Gonzales

Speakers: Jane Donegan, LLL, Monica O’Connor, LLL, Mary O’Boyle, LLL


Mother’s Mental Health

Speaker: Professor Agnes Higgins, Professor in Mental Health,

School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin

Parenting Effectively – Skills in Raising Happy, Confident Children.

Speakers: Julie Webb, LLL, Maire Morrissy, LLL


Keynote Address: Making More Milk – New Methods of Milk Production

Speaker: Diana West, BA, Lactation Consultant, LLL Leader, Author


Breastfeeding Basics – Early Days of Breastfeeding

Speakers: Eileen O’Neill, LLL, Caroline Connolly, LLL,

Twins – Birth & Breastfeeding Experiences

Speaker: Siobhan Calandrelli, LLL


Millenial Mothers

Speaker: Diana West, BA, Lactation Consultant, LLL, Author

Sweet Sleep

Speaker: Diana West, BA, Lactation Consultant, LLL, Author

Family Food on a Budget 

Speakers: Siobhan Ward, LLL, Christine Moore, LLL


Policies, Practices & Attitudes Around Birth – Keeping Mother & Baby together

Speakers:  Aileen Doyle, BSc, MSc, RN, RM, IBCLC, Remmi Rabidoux, RM, IBCLC

Flourishing – How Your Mind Can Make Your Life Great.

Speaker: Mary Kavanagh, LLL

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