Our Local Leaders

Mary: 01 494 1279

Máire: 086 8534126

Geraldine: 086 8502855

Ailis: 086 0868129

Ger:  087 6732378

Jenny: 01 29670942

Our Meetings

We in La Leche League Dodder Valley are delighted to have returned to face to face meet ups while still offering the option to join us online. Leaders are available to answer your calls and on line queries.  Please get in touch should you have any breastfeeding concerns. Please know we are at the end of a phone anytime.


When: 2nd Friday of every month @ 10.00 a.m

Where: Marlay Park (off the courtyard)

When: 4th Friday of every month on Zoom @ 11.00 a.m.

Contact Máire on 0868534126 for link